Software Development using Model Based Design (MBD)

For the Creation of Dependable Maintainable Systems

Our focus is on the successful development of our customer’s projects. To assist in this objective, we can develop your program using the Model Based Development (MBD) process. In the MBD process, all of the development activities are coupled to an executable model that represents the software requirements. The executable model enables the demonstration and validation of the requirements prior to software code generation. After the requirements have been validated, the software code is generated directly from the executable model using automated tools. The benefits of the MBD process include:

  • Lower development cost
  • Shorter development time
  • More reliable software

Software errors are typically introduced by poor, incomplete, or changing requirements and during the typical manual sequence of the software developmental steps.

MBD addresses these error sources by validating the requirements prior to software code generation and automating the generation of the software code directly from the executable model. The generation of test drivers and test vectors used for software code verification and validation can also be generated directly from the executable model. This approach can reduce the possible introduction of errors and can provide a more reliable system that meets the desired objectives.

Finding and fixing requirement flaws early in the development cycle can also increase the likelihood that the design and software implementation are completed in a shorter development cycle.

The MBD framework is shown in the figure below

The figure shows the paths used for the requirements refinement steps. These paths are taken as a result of identifying deficiencies during the demonstration and testing of the system functionality, performance, and operational characteristics. This allows requirement deficiencies to be identified early in the development cycle prior to software generation and system testing. Once the requirements model has been developed and validated, each of the succeeding developmental steps show in the figure are automated, thus eliminating the traditional manual sequence of steps and the possible introduction of errors.

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